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Sleep Tight: Creating A Bedroom In A Studio Or Loft Apartment

Living in tight quarters or smaller apartments could make a dedicated bedroom tricky, but not impossible. With the right furnishings and clever configurations, you can carve out your own sleep-space that is comfortable, private, and your own.

Studio and one-room apartments

Studio and one-room apartments can be a lot cheaper to rent, but you are sacrificing one important element: a bedroom. For this reason, you may need to be creative and compromising when it comes to arranging furniture and decorating your space. Squatting in your living room on an air-mattress will get old after a while; try these ideas to claim a dedicated bedroom in smaller apartments:

  1. Use bookcases, dressing screens, or shelving units to separate your bedroom from the rest of the apartment. You can make your own partitions with bifold doors and simple hardware, too.
  2. Plan on a space big enough for your bed, a side-table, and chair, and set-up the bedroom before furnishing the rest of your space. If you arrange your bedroom last, you will likely lose valuable space.
  3. Keep common and living area furniture lean and streamlined, to fit in the reconfigured area. Purchase multifunctional pieces like sleep sofas, storage ottomans, and utility carts that are smaller in size and useful.
  4. Consider platform bed-frames for a modern-style bedroom. These typically take-up less space than a traditional frame and often have storage underneath.

Dedicated spaces and areas make a one-room apartment seem larger if you choose the right furnishings and accents. Visit your favorite furniture stores and sites to find inspiration for your apartment.

Loft spaces

Lofts can be very cool and Bohemian places to rent but finding a comfortable bedroom can be challenging. Most tenants immediately plan on sleeping in the loft, though the ceiling may be low, and access might involve a ladder. Invest in a day-bed or extra-large futon for your bedroom downstairs and utilize the loft for your TV space, home office, or storage instead. Remember that smaller apartments and lofts are easier to cool and heat, which typically curbs utility costs.

If you live in or are moving to a studio or loft, make a dedicated sleep-space a priority when moving in. Use these tips to optimize space and create a comfortable and functional bedroom in one-room, studio, or loft apartments. Visit furniture retailers in your region to find the perfect pieces to maximize the space that you have.

For more information on bedroom furniture sets, contact your local furniture store.