New Furniture for a New Home

Are You Remodeling Your Living Room With An Eclectic Theme?

Have you decided that you want to design a living room with an eclectic theme? If so, you are more than likely in for some very fun decorating and shopping. Perhaps you have already accumulated one-of-a-kind items that you will use as you decorate your living room. As you consider how you will decorate with an eclectic theme, consider two words. Those words are Unique and Colorful. From finding the best furniture sales to finding great decorating items, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a room that is both attractive and usable. 

The Furniture - Lucky you! By choosing an eclectic theme for your living room style, you can shop at many different stores to find furniture pieces. For example, consider going to a traditional store to buy a leather sofa. Next consider going to a world market store that sells things like Papasan chairs and Mamasan chairs. Have you considered using something like a huge Mexican brass Aztec calendar tray as a coffee table? When you are shopping for furniture, consider buying a floor to ceiling shelf where you can display decorative items that you already own and new pieces that will add interest to the room. Another idea is to use antique traveling chests as occasional tables. If you can't find real antiques, check furniture stores for good reproductions. Another idea would be to hang a bench swing from the ceiling. Not only would it give you more seating space, but it would add a touch of whimsy to the room.

The Accents - Of course, the furniture you select for your eclectic living room will more than likely be the base for your decorating. However, don't you think that it's the extra touches that give personality to a room? For example, you might have selected a sofa with regular leather as the upholstery fabric. Now picture that sofa with throw pillows from Mexico or other foreign countries placed on the sofa. Think of things you love. For example, if you are an animal lover, consider buying wooden decorative animals from places like the Philippines or from India. If you love to travel, think of framing posters that depict scenes from far away lands and putting them on your living room walls. Consider even displaying clothing that you love. For example, you might have purchased a colorful reboso, or shawl, in South America. If so, use it as a wall hanging. 

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