New Furniture for a New Home

Hire An Interior Designer To Help After Becoming Handicapped From An Injury

When you bought and furnished your home, you may have been in good health. So, after becoming handicapped from an injury, you may find that your house and its furnishings are not well-suited for your situation. Some people may move out and find another home to live in.

But, you may be able to modify your home without making major changes to fit your needs. Hiring an interior designer is smart because they can look at everything with your needs in mind.


One of the most important goals for changing your home is providing full accessibility. The way your furniture is situated can make it difficult to get around with a walker or wheelchair. If you need extra room, a professional can use a wheelchair's measurements to modify each room.

For instance, you may have oversized furniture in your bedroom and living room. These items may need to be replaced with pieces that are designed to fit in an apartment or condo. An interior designer can also keep appearance in mind to make sure the house looks attractive as well.


Achieving full accessibility is relieving as a homeowner who does not want to leave, but you do not want to forget about your comfort. Most people have their own comfort preferences with seating, materials, firmness level, and decorations. If you know what gives you a cozy feeling while at home, you should tell an interior designer, so they can incorporate it into their designs.

Comfort is also about what you sit on or lay on while spending time in your home. After becoming handicapped, you may prefer firm materials that make it easier to get up from a couch or bed. A professional can handle the shopping and get a new mattress, couch, or set of chairs.


Although you may be able to handle some upkeep on your own after recovering from your injury, you may still want to prioritize easy-to-maintain pieces. This is where an interior designer can shine by choosing furniture and decorations that require little to no upkeep through the years.


Bringing extra functionality into the home can make life easier at home. For instance, getting new side tables, dressers, and nightstands with soft-close drawers is a worthwhile upgrade. You can even ask for specific qualities such as furniture with drawers at the top and not the bottom. This can make each drawer easier to get into when you do not have to bend over to gain access.

Hiring an interior designer can simplify the process of making your home a better fit for your needs after becoming handicapped. For more information, contact a company like Mathews Furniture + Design.