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What To Know Before You Buy A Baby Crib

Prepping for your baby to arrive can be overwhelming. Of course, whether you want it or not, your friends and family are going to give you a lot of advice. Even some of the most unsolicited advice might end up being true and helpful. But, if you are here, you are probably looking for help, specifically with choosing a crib. There are many different types of cribs, and many different things you should consider before making a final decision. This article should prove to be helpful for first time crib shoppers.

Prefabricated Cribs are the Way to Go

First of all, always buy a prefabricated crib. That is, you might be able to find a local artisan who can build you a custom crib. This might sound cool, but it is not the best idea, especially if you ever plan on moving or having other children. Most standard sized cribs are wider than interior doorways. So, they cannot be moved around very easily. In fact, when you are first assembling your crib, make sure you do it in the room it is going to be in.

Place the Crib in Your Room

Remember, there is nothing wrong with having the crib in your room. The closer the crib is to the parents, the shorter they have to walk when it comes to feeding in the middle of the night. So, even if you think you like the idea of having more quiet and privacy, you will like be able to feed your baby more quickly in the middle of the night.

Quick and Easy Assembly

It is also important to realize that a prefabricated crib can be assembled in less than an hour. You don't need to set it up months beforehand. With a few basic handheld tools, a crib can be assembled by pretty much anybody, but make the father do it!

Consider Mini Cribs

If you have limited space, a mini crib could be a great solution. They are particularly ideal for parents who plan on co-sleeping. That is, your infant can stay in the crib while it is a new born, and before he/she can roll over. Then, when they get bigger, you can let them sleep in between you. However, even a mini crib can sleep a baby up to two years old.

Don't be too concerned with style. You just want a crib that is safe and secure for your bundle of joy.  Contact a company, like KIDS ONLY FURNITURE, for more help.