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3 Things To Know About Laser Cutting & Furniture

If you want to design some custom furniture, what you really need is a laser. A laser can allow you to create intricate levels of designs that are very difficult to achieve with other tools. With a laser, you can cut out multiple layers of intricate designs that allows light to pass through your furniture or you can etch designs into the wood to give your furniture texture. 

#1 Create An Outline

You do not want to just start working with the laser and free styling your design. When you work with a laser you have to make very precise cuts. Once you make a cut, you cannot go back and undo the cut that you made. You need to know what you are doing from the first cut to the last.

The best way to do this is by creating a pattern or an outline. A pattern will allow you to know exactly where to go. You should also label the order of the cuts to that you are able to create the exact pattern you want.

#2 Practice The Pattern

Before you start working on the wood for your furniture, practice the cuts on another material. Use an old piece of wood or plastic and practice the cuts. Make sure that the order of the cuts works. If certain cuts overlap one another, you will not be able to create the desired pattern.

Also, make sure that you know how deep to make the cuts. If you want to do an engraving, the laser doesn't need to be as hot it does to cut all the way through the wood. Practice your pattern before trying to product it on a larger scale. 

#3 Switch Up The Materials

Laser cutting works on multiple types of materials. You don't just have to work with wood. You can mix and match multiple types of materials in your furniture design. You can use various plastic materials as well as wood materials. Do not limit your creativity to one type of material. With laser cutting, you can combined multiple pieces together.

Laser cutting is a tool that will allow you to elevate your art making skills to a new level. You can use it to really turn your furniture making into art. Be sure to create practice patterns and work on those before you move forward with full-scale laser cutting production on your furniture.